What is the Adventure Park Moab?

The Adventure Park Moab facility is a combination of a High Ropes Challenge Course and an Aerial Adventure Park, including a climbing tower, vertical high ropes elements, horizontal traverses and a giant swing. Participants can choose from a variety of 17 elements to challenge themselves physically and mentally, individually or as a team or to conquer their fear of heights under the supervision of professional facilitators. The Adventure Park Moab follows more an educational concept but the same time offers a fun recreational outdoor experience for all ages. The choice is yours!

A challenge course is a unique tool used to build trust, confidence, and communication as well as to overcome challenges, strengthen bonds, and most importantly, to have fun. Low elements are series of challenges that take place on or just above the ground in a safe setting. These activities are designed to draw on the knowledge and ideas of each group member and require cooperation of the entire team for success. We also offer customized outdoor experiential learning and team building programs.

The Adventure Park Moab facility is the ideal location for special events. Right in downtown Moab with an unique rustic atmosphere and a variety of catering options. A challenging and exciting time for all ages!

Who can use the challenge course? With lots of different elements this course is great for all kinds of groups of varying abilities:

-All Visitors to Moab!

-Families & Friends - Youth Organizations - Adult groups - Private Businesses - Non-Profit Agencies - Teachers and Counselors - School Groups - Search and Rescue Crew Trainings - Special Needs Organizations - Special Event Groups (weddings, family reunions, birthday parties) What are the opening times summer/winter of the High Ropes Challenge Course? For details see Rates and Hours on our website! Besides regular opening times, group bookings can be arranged at any time/date but are subject to availability. For reservations call 435-259-4424.

Can we visit the High Ropes Challenge Course also during winter? The course will be closed for December and January. Reservations can be made year round but are limited to weather conditions.

Who can participate? A degree of personal fitness is required to complete the course and we would like to ask you to be honest with yourself about your level of fitness and participation. All activities are physical and require holding on to ropes and cables. There is no upper age limit. For safety reason maximum weight is 265 lbs for participants. Participants under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed to participate.

Can children participate in the High Ropes Challenge Course activities? Minimum age for children participating is 6 years (minimum height 4 ft) on the high ropes course. Depending on the group size and number of children on the day of your reservation, we might allow children younger than 6 years but they need to be 4 ft tall. There are limitations on some elements for these children (for example Giant Swing). For this reason they should be accompanied by one parent/legal guardian on the High Ropes Course. As mentioned if group size allows, our facilitator, instead of a parent, can assist children that don't fullfill the age/height requirements. Exclusive facilitator for classes or groups of children can be arranged. Is the course accessible for physically or mentally disabled guests? Our complete facility and the High Ropes Course are designed in accordance with the ADA(American Disabilities Act). With 1-2 special customized elements our course is allowing physically disabled guests to participate in the Challenge Course experience. Our vision for the future is to add more elements for disabled guests to our course, train our facilitators in working with special need guests/groups and to be able to accommodate more adaptive sport organizations and disabled youth and veteran groups. Please call in advance to make arrangements before visiting.

Do we need to make a reservation? Where do we make a reservation? It is helpful to make a reservation in advance and to check-in 15 minutes before the scheduled activity starts. Groups of 7 guests or more need to make a reservation at least 5 days in advance. For cancellation of group reservations please notify us minimum 72 hours prior to your reservation. There is a 48 hrs cancellation term for individual bookings. For safety reasons we can only allow a limited amount of guests at a time on the course. Reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis and advanced reservations for individuals for the busy seasons and holidays are highly recommended. For reservations call 435-259-4424.

When do we pay? 50% is due to book your reservation.  The other half of payment is due at your check-in at the Adventure Park Moab office. Payment can be made in cash, check or by credit card.  Organized groups will receive an invoice and will be asked to make a full payment 5 days prior to their reservation. Do we need to sign an acknowledgement form of risk? Although the Adventure Park Moab has taken reasonable steps to provide you with appropriate equipment and/or skilled facilitators so you can enjoy an activity for which you might not be skilled, we wish to remind you that this activity is not without risk and that we will ask you to read and sign an acknowledgement form of risk form before participating in any of our activities.

Click here to download a pdf copy of the Acknowledgement of Risk form!

How high off the ground is it? The course starts with a safety training on low ropes 1 foot above the ground and will continue to elements 30 feet off the ground.

How much time do we have on the High Ropes Course? You will receive an extensive safety training/briefing on the ground, including the use of harness and belay system. Depending on what program you reserve you have 2.0 or 3.0 hours to explore the High Ropes Challenge Course elements under self-responsibility and observation/supervision of facilitators/instructors. Please consider that our gear fitting and safety briefing on the ground will take approx. 15 minutes.

What should I wear? You will need to wear sturdy, walking boots or similar shoes. Open toe sandals, flip flops or any kind of slip on or loose shoe is not suitable. We recommend long pants and long sleeved shirts as harness and ropes may rub. Long hair must be tied back, large or hooped earrings should be removed. This is an outside activity so you will need to wear clothing suitable for the weather on the day you come.

What safety equipment is included? We provide all participants with harness, belay system, helmet and all necessary safety equipment. Safety equipment cannot be transferred to others and must not be removed while on the course. Can I bring my own gear? We provide all safety equipment. You may choose to bring your own gloves to wear or climbing shoes for the climbing tower, as we don’t provide climbing shoes for this activity.

Do we need to bring gloves? Only if you want to.

Can I bring my own camera, snack and beverage? Cameras can be used on the ground at any time. Any items like cameras, daypacks, mobile phones, water bottles etc. which may present a danger for yourself or others, must not be carried with you while you are up on the High Ropes Course.

Please bring your own snacks and water. In the future we are planning on having a snack shack on the property, but for right now please stop at your next available grocery store and bring your own supplies. For groups of 20 guests or more we can arrange a local catering company who can provide any type of catering – from rustic BBQs to high end fine dining at the Adventure Park Moab.There are plenty of shady areas on the ground where you can take a quick break and enjoy a snack or cold beverage before you continue with the course.

How safe is the High Ropes Challenge Course? A professional, ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) qualified builder built the course and provided the proper equipment for the course. Daily inspections of the course include inspection of lines, wire ropes/cables, pole hardware, utility pole integrity, course equipment, helmets, harnesses, carabiners, climbing ropes, lines and anchors, staples and pole access and included structures.

Professionally trained guides will demonstrate and teach you how to use the equipment on the ground and how to participate in all activities safely.

We practice a “Challenge by choice” program (Leahy & Associates, Inc.) and participants should not feel pressured to participate in all activities or elements. You make your own decision how much you want to participate and will not be forced to participate.If you are in the middle of the course and do not want to continue, one of our experienced facilitators will help lowering you safely to the ground.

For safety reasons the Adventure Park Moab High Ropes Challenge Course will allow for both belay systems.

  • Static System: Participants are attached to overhead safety cables or tracks via sling lines (adjustable ropes with fasteners at the end). Obstacles on a static course are designed as traversing activities and participants are always required to take an active part in managing their own safety. Once up on the course, participants generally complete several obstacles in a row before climbing down. Participants who fall are able to self-rescue and continue through the course.
  • Dynamic Belay: Participants are attached to a climbing rope that runs to a high anchor above the element and back to the ground. As the participant climbs, one or more persons are required to belay the participant. (manage the slack and secure the rope in the event of a fall). Elements may be vertical as well as horizontal and participants will be required to climb up staples to access elements of the course. Participants who fall are generally lowered all the way back down to the ground.

The management reserves the right to exclude participants that are not following the course safety rules/regulations from the on-going activity. No refund will be granted in this case.

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