Our family had such a great time at Adventure Park Moab- We went on Mother's Day, and I happen to be a mother who is scared of heights. Extreme skiing, mountain biking ... no problem. Walking across a log suspended 40 feet in midair ..... YIKES!! Once my husband and kids did it though, there was no turning back. I thought I was going to pee in my pants when the wind picked up as I started to cross, but I made it. I'm so glad I did. Chris and Ulla were the best. They gave us just the right amount of encouragement, and were so genuinely happy to see us conquering our fears. I loved seeing my kids so happy about how well they were doing. It was fun, and such a personal growth experience. Christy- Paonia, Colorado

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  1. Shelley & Tom says:

    What a great experience! I was so impressed with Ulla and Bud. They were warm, friendly, and very down-to-earth. They were encouraging but emphasized how each of us chooses what to do. There were a lot of different challenges to choose from. We spent nearly two hours but the time flew by! I ended the adventure with a thrilling spinning drop in what they call the swing, where you push off from a tiny platform backwards into the air and then swing in wide circles from your harness. FUN!!!

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